High level medical department team visits Mon

MON, Sept 21: A high level team of Medical Department headed by the Minister for H&FW, P Longon visited District Hospital, Mon and held a meeting with the hospital staffs and civil societies of the district on Friday.

Addressing the gathering, the Minister appealed to the local doctors, nurses and staff of Mon to take the lead and set a good example to improve the performance of the hospital. He asserted that the performance of the hospital depends on the performance, sincerity, enthusiasm, and hard work of the local officials of the hospital and also the cooperation and support of the local people.

Deeply impressed by the cleanliness and proper maintenance of the hospital, he said it reflected the coordination and teamwork of the employees and the dedication and sincerity of the doctors and nurses posted in Mon hospital. He exhorted the staffs to keep the good team work and coordination of the staffs alive to upkeep the good performance and cater to the needs of the people.

Commissioner & Secretary, H&FW, M. Patton said the purpose of the visit was to assess the hospital which would be discussed in Kohima to redress the grievances. Referring to the shortage of doctors in the hospital, he directed the MS to utilize the service of program doctors under CMO for three times a week as per the norms.

Principal Director H&FW, Dr. Nandira Changkija highlighted on the purpose of the visit and lamented on the poor performance of the staffs and practice of proxy in the CHC and PHC in the district. She asserted that it is the responsibility of the administrator to see that their staffs are regular in their duties.  She informed that equal treatment will be given to all the districts and prioritize the most urgent requirement accordingly. She also informed that since the staffs are irregular, no status report of the building, equipment, and other basic requirement was reported to the authority therefore action could not be taken.

Mission Director, NHM, Dr. Sukhato A. Wotsa, urged the staffs to retrospect the performance of the hospital after MSF and he was optimistic that the staffs is still following the work culture of the MSF. He appealed to the staffs to take the ownership of the hospital besides providing medical facilities to the people.  To increase the performance of the hospital and also to ensure that basic medical facilities are provided to the people he urged the doctors to utilize the many potential assets of the hospital for the benefit of the people selflessly.  He also congratulated the doctors for pre-initiating the campaign on Non-communicable Diseases in the district and at the same time he challenged the doctors to eradicate the highly infected TB in the district.

Speaking on behalf of the NGOs the President Konyak Union, Manlip Konyak expressed gratitude to the team for visiting the district to redress to problems and also the Government of Nagaland for upgrading the hospital to 100 bedded.  Briefing on the background of the district hospital he said the District Hospital is the only hospital in the district to provide medical facilities to the people of the district and the Nagas of Myanmar. He informed that health care was unknown to the people of Mon for long until the intervention of the MSF. He urged the high-level team to provide all the basic amenities of 100 bedded hospital to fill the gap caused by the declining of manpower, medicines and other basic facilities after MSF.

Additional Director H&FW, Dr. Yankho Lotha gave a power point presentation on the observation of health units’ inspection done on 16th Sept. 2015 in Mon district. The team also inspected all wards and interacted with the patients. Advisor DUDA & LMCP, N. Thongwang was also present in the inspection with the team.

Director Health, Dr. N.M. Kithan; Joint Director, Dr. Vizolie; Joint Director, Dr. Keneigozo; Dy. Secy, Dr. Vizokholu; Dy. Director, Dr. Vethehulu; Dy. Director, Dr. Puse; Dy. Director, Dr. Lemnyei Konyak, and Dy. Director, Dr. M.C. Longai also accompanied the team. The program was chaired by the CMO, Mon, Dr. U.K. Konyak and vote of thanks was given by MS, Mon, Dr. Kechongol Sophie. (DIPR)

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