Tension in Ccpur subsiding

LAMKA, September 5 (IFP): Although there was no report of any sort of violence yesterday in Churachandpur town for the first time since violent protests erupted in Churachandpur some five days ago, the town remains nervous as is evident from the rush witnessed this morning when all forms of agitations were relaxed for the people to buy their essential commodities.

At the same time, till the filing of this report, there were no concrete steps taken up by the JAC formed against the passing of the three bills in the State Assembly has not taken any concrete steps whether to bury the bodies of eight dead or continue to keep it in the morgue. In the meantime the bodies which are kept in the Churachandpur District Hospital morgue, which according to Health minister Phungzathang Tonsing is the best district hospital in the country, have started to decompose in the absence of a freezer in the morgue, emitting an intolerable smell.

On the other hand, women folk continue to stage sit in protest in each locality supporting the JAC and blocking the road. Refreshment for the womenfolk were provided by the Churachandpur based Lamka Seller and Trade Employment Association.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt all sections of the society faced grievances during the recent violence as during the mob frenzy atleast 10 policemen, 19 Assam Rifles personnel including their town commander and more than 50 civilians were injured in the district.

Eight people died including one who succumbed to burn injuries sustained when a mob burned down a house during the recent agitations.

At the moment, the situation is slowly returning to normalcy, at least there is no violence since yesterday. However, the JAC’s demand and the government’s unconcerned attitude could act as a hindrance to return of complete normalcy. The unprecedented unity among the tribal is very strong and any situation can happen anytime.

Top officials of the police led by additional DGP LM Khaute are stationed in Churachandpur to monitor the situation in consultation with the local leaders since September 2 and exploring all options to restore peace and harmony in the district.

Meanwhile, the media cell of the ZoRO GHQ had issued a press release dated September 2 which was handed out only today stating that the organisation is shocked to learn of the passing of the Manipur Land Reforms and Land & Land Records (Seventh Amendment) Bill 2015 on August 31.

It further demanded the government to withdraw the bill at the earliest.

ZoRO also condoled the death of the eight people in the course of their struggle against the bill.

(Source: http://ifp.co.in/page/items/28266/tension-in-ccpur-subsiding)

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