Nuklutoshi urges Aos to play important role for unity of the Nagas

MOKOKCHUNG, Aug 31 (NEPS): Minister for National Highways and Mechanical Engineering Nuklutoshi has had hectic meetings with the members of the apex Ao Church Body, ABAM and members of the Ao civil societies on the latest development of the Naga political issue for the last two days at Impur and Mokokchung. He called upon the Aos to rededicate their commitments to bringing and strengthening “unity” among the Naga people.

Addressing members of the Ao civil societies and student bodies including the Ao Senden, Watsu, AKM, Mokokchung senior citizens, Mokokchung Town Ward Union, Mokokchung Town Lanur Telongjang here at the Circuit House on Monday, the Minister highlighted of the present Naga political issue which has been passing through a critical phase and reminded as to how their past Ao leaders pioneered in many fields including the Naga political issue. He urged the present Ao generation to play an important role by becoming the architects in the “framework of Naga political issue.” The Ao people must work for the unity of the Nagaland people, he said.

While meeting with members of ABAM at Impur on Sunday, Nuklutoshi also reminded the Ao church leaders as to how the Ao church leaders, in olden days, sent missionaries to the ENPO areas to spread the message of Christianity to the people and also provided education to them. These missionary works provided by the Ao missionaries in olden days in ENPO areas had not only brought massive changes among the ENPO people but also closeness between the Aos and them, he recalled and further requested the present Ao church leaders that they should also follow the suit of their past leaders by reinvigorating their efforts so as to bring unity among the Naga people.

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