Governor inspects Phesama landslide

PHESAMA, Aug 30: Governor of Nagaland, P.B Acharya visited the Phesama landslide on Sunday and donated Rs. one lakh as immediate relief to the affected persons.

The Governor interacted with the Phesama Village Council and affected families after inspecting the landslide area. He said that the Phesama landslide is one of the biggest calamities in Nagaland and shared his grief with the villagers for their loss and said he would sincerely pray to God to prevent further deterioration of the situation. He urged the villagers to be courageous and also encourage each other in situation like this and take care of the affected families. He stated that self help is the need of the hour rather than looking for and accusing any other authority at this juncture, and urged the Village leaders to impart this attitude into the people. The Governor emphasized on the greatness of God and said that people should never lose faith in times of calamities and expressed that women and younger persons particularly students are often the worst and most affected, and should therefore be given extra attention. He also called upon the

Village Council to extend their full cooperation to the BRO since they are at this situation become part of the community and are working with great courage and determination.

The Governor after taking stock of the situation shared with the BRO his appreciation to their efforts and contributions made so far to tackle the disaster. He directed that the BRO act with focus based on correct information and with clear action plans. He felt that the BRO’s should interact with the right person and take up the right step. He emphasized on the issue of natural calamities and said that such disaster occurred due to the disturbance of the ecological balance and therefore the citizens should be properly sensitised on conservation of nature for restoration of ecological balance.

Vikho-o Yoshu as the local MLA thanked the Governor for being concerned for the people by visiting the site and expressed optimism that under the directives and blessings of the Governor the requirements of the situation would be expedited. The Phesama Village also expressed its gratitude to the Governor for his great concern to the affected villagers by his physical visit.

Deputy Commissioner Kohima, Rovilatuo Mor IAS who accompanied the Governor later held a meeting with the Phesama Village Council at the site.

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