“Eight Opposition Congress MLAs’ joining Government will not solve Naga issue”: Chingwang Konyak

NEPS News Service

KOHIMA, July 20 (NEPS): Former Congress Opposition leader Chingwang Konyak dismissed the statement of Congress legislator Tokheho Yepthomi that the eight Opposition Congress MLAs had joined the DAN Government in Nagaland for having one voice for the settlement of the Naga issue at the earliest possible time.

Talking to NEPS News Service over phone from Mon on Monday, the veteran Konyak politician explained that all the legislators in Nagaland, no matter to which party they belonged, would not have “differing opinions” as far as “Naga political issue is concerned.” “Whether the Congress or NPF or JD (U) or NCP or BJP or Independents, we will always be one if the decision is for the solution to the protracted Naga political issue,” he pointed out.

Alleging that Yepthomi’s only aim was for “power and money” and nothing else, Konyak said the eight Opposition Congress MLAs’ joining the Government in Nagaland would not solve the Naga political issue. Because as far as Naga political issue was concerned, they were always one, he added.

Former Congress leader recalled about the Congress stand on the Naga issue from the earlier period saying that from the time of NNO, their stand was to act as a bridge between the Government of India and the Naga underground people. The Congress had been always trying to bring the Naga underground people to the negotiating table unlike the policy of Neiphiu Rio’s regimes.

Asked whether he had already joined the ruling NPF, Konyak said in negative. “I am not joining any party as yet,” he stated adding that “I am watching the political development in the State before I take any decision.”

He also disclosed that he had never criticized the “policies and programs” of the Congress Party. “I only said that the Congress is a divided house.” “Because, in five years, we (Congress) had four Party Presidents and three CLP leaders, and this I personally conveyed to Madam Sonia Gandhi when I met her at Delhi,” he added.

Asked about his comment on the coming Nagaland Budget Session beginning Tuesday where no Opposition would be there, Konyak, who was one of the tall politicians not only among the Konyak but also among the Nagas, said nobody would speak for any shortcomings of the Government as there would be no Opposition in the House. “However, absence of Opposition Bench on the Floor does not mean the Members from the Treasury Bench cannot participate in the debates and discussions on the Floor of Assembly,” he explained.

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