KOHIMA, July 16: Chief Minister of Nagaland, T.R Zeliang attended the 2nd meeting of the Governing Council of NITI Aayog in Delhi on 15th July 2015 at 7 Race Course Road.

According to a release from the Media Cell, CMO, the statement made by the State Chief Minister on the occasion is as follows :

  1. i) Task Force on Elimination of Poverty: The State Government of Nagaland constituted a Task Force on Elimination of Poverty on 28th May 2015, and its report was submitted to CEO, NITI AAYOG on 22nd June, 2015.
  2. ii) Task Force on Agriculture Development was also constituted at the State level on 23rd April, 2015. Its report was submitted to the CEO, NITI AAYOG on 3rd July, 2015.

iii) Institutional arrangement at State level for faster completion of projects: The State Government had already constituted State Level Project Implementation Committee (SLPIC) under the Chairmanship of the Chief Minister to monitor all projects, costing Rs 5.00 crore and above. This SLPIC had been in existence for the last few years, and actively functioning. We have also constituted a High Level Technical Committee to give advice to the SLPIC on technical matters.

However, it may be stated again here that the main reason for delay in project implementation is non-availability fund, or irregular flow of fund due to inability of the State to meet the State share in many CSS & Central flagship programmes. Let me reiterate my suggestion that in respect of projects funded by NLCPR & NEC, the requirement of 10% state share may be done away with, as this is one of the main reasons for delay in implementation and completion of projects.

  1. On the Agenda No. 2, that is, Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement (RFCTLARR) Act, 2013. The Government of Nagaland supports the amendment Bill 2015, which will replace the original act of 2013. In our view, the objectives of the bill are honourable and appreciable, as indicated in the title of bill itself. Above all, it will avoid undue delay in land acquisition process for important infrastructure projects. On the surface, “Consent clause” may look good, but this is likely to be misused by certain political parties to obstruct the land acquisition process for selfish political ends. It can also be misused by certain social activists, having narrow outlook, or vested interests.

However, let me add here that in Nagaland, the land holding system is quite different. Ever since the British Rule, the traditional land ownership and land holding system was allowed to continue undisturbed. Hence, except in the district Hqrs and towns, lands for which were purchased by the Government, patta system does not exist all over Nagaland. The residuary power over land rests with the individuals and the communities. This system is also protected by Article 371-A of the Constitution, wherein it says that Acts of Parliament will not apply in the case of “ownership and transfer of land and its resources”. Hence, the State Government has always resorted to purchase of private lands through negotiations only. Hence, the RECTLARR Act will not be applicable in Nagaland. But we support the Amendment Bill, 2015 in national interest. Unquote

Further, the Chief Minister attended the inauguration of “Skill India” by the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, organised by the New Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship at Vigyan Bhawan. The function was also attended by Mmhonlumo Kikon, Parliamentary Secretary, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of Nagaland.

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