KOHIMA, July 8: Thousand of Sumis in their traditional attires and costumes flocked the State capital, local ground Kohima to celebrate ‘Tuluni’ today i.e 8th July 2015. Minister for Road & Bridges (PWD), Y.Vikheho Swu was the Father of Kohima tuluni festival 2015 while Chairman, Kohima Village Council, Neivor Rutsa was the Guest of honour.

Celebrating the symbolic significance of the sumi community, Minister Vikheho said that the first and foremost thing that came to our state was Christianity followed by education, government and money, which means we have to think seriously about its effect and need to play positive role for changing the mindset and manage the aspects properly for the betterment of the people.  Swu also said that ‘Christianity culture’ has existed in our land in the state and therefore called upon the people to give their best.  He appealed to the citizens to go back to the rural areas and encouraged them to revive the traditional practices as our forefathers had preserved the richness of the agricultural production of yore.  He also expressed his gratitude to people for understanding and co-operating with the present government financial crunch situation stating that 65 percent is being utilized in government employees salary. He said that we should use the fund allocated judiciously.

The minister who was also former president of NSF lauded the efforts of the Kohima village  for bringing a lot of good changes in the State Capital. He stressed on the need to talk about the rights of the Nagas to go forward. He said that Nagas are brave, hardworking and honest and called upon all to be self -sufficient and self- reliant. He further said that we should bring  infrastructural developments for the future generations.

The Guest of honour extended his gratitude to the kohima sumi hoho for giving him the opportunity and said that it is a sign of love and respect. He said that the tuluni festival symbolizes fraternity, solitary and sharing of oneness not only among the sumi community but nagas as a whole. He called upon the people to be God fearing said that the state capital Kohima belongs to everyone which needs to be maintained  and that peaceful co-existence should be there in every sphere of life. He said that Nagas are very fortunate to have abundance of festivals and urged the people to preserve and protect their culture.

The significance of the a week days of rejoicing was shared by Rtd. Secretary , Former President Kohima Sumi Hoho Vihuto yepthomi. He narrated how the Laptsapa/ Liptsapa yield a fruitful, the God of Agriculture.

A host of Ministers, parliamentary Secretaries, senior State dignitaries and other officials attended the programme.

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