CHUMUKEDIMA, June 18: The adjourned sitting of the Judicial Inquiry Commission (JIC) was held in the Police Officers’ Central Mess, Chumukedima on 16th June 2015.

The date was fixed for filing of written statements, memorandum from individuals, victims’ family, NGOs and other organizations. The Public Notice was circulated through print media by way of publication of “Public Notice” in three local newspapers. News related to JIC was also published in Assam Tribune on 20/5/15 and the Telegraph on 19/5/15, The Commission had also directed service of Notices to the victims’ family by registered post, Accordingly, Notices were sent to the family members of the deceased Sayed Sarif Khan and Inito Swu as well as the victim girl of the alleged rape, All the registered Notices have returned unserved. But that as it may, family members of the deceased and victim of the alleged rape have not come forward to file any written statement till date.

The Commission is of the view that participation of the victims’ family members in the inquiry is necessary. Hence it is decided to issue fresh Public Notice to the aforementioned family members through the Commissioner of Police, Dimapur fixing 16/7/15 (Thursday) as the last date for filing of written statements /memorandum from individuals, victims’ family members, NGOs and any other organizations, who are willing to assist the Inquiry Commission.

Pursuant to the Public Notice, the Commission has received written statement from:

  1. Principal, S.D Jain Girls college
  2. Administrator, Dimapur Municipal Council
  3. Shoipu Village Union Dimapur

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