TUENSANG, June 18: The three government appointed mediators in connection with the Chang – Yimchunger issue met CKS on 18th June 2015 at Tuensang town. The Convenor of the mediating team, Tali Longkumer, on behalf of the mediators exhorted the CKS officials that a collective responsibility is needed to restore peace between the Changs and Yimchungers. He urged them to seize the opportunity given to them for achieving peace.

The Convenor explained that the objective of the mediators is to help the two communities live in peace with each other for which they are on a “fact finding spree”. At the same time, he expressed his gladness at knowing that the ENPO sponsored Peace Committee is also working very hard to restore peace between the two communities. He stressed that Changs and Yimchungers are neighbours sharing many matrimonial ties and so, they are inseparable and have no alternative but to live together in peace. The mediators will ultimately strive for bringing a permanent solution through permanent settlement and permanent demarcation of boundary in the disputed area. The Convenor further appreciated the cooperation given by CKS and appealed to them to ensure that further clashes do not take place.

Deputy Commissioner, Tuensang, Alem Jongshi, who also attended the meeting appreciated the cooperation given by CKS and the Chang community and encouraged them to uphold the resolution passed by the ENPO and the declarations made at the tripartite talks with the state government.

The CKS officials welcomed the mediators and assured their full cooperation. They have welcomed the resettlement of Yimchunger families at Tuensang town. According to official reports, more than 400 Yimchunger families have already returned to Tuensang town. The CKS officials have also admitted that they have their own share of lapses in the recent crisis but will ensure efforts will be made for restoration of permanent peace in the area.

The mediators also met the village leaders of Tuensang, Chendang, Chendang Saddle villages. The team comprising of Tali Longkumer (IAS Retd), Sachopra Vero (NCS Retd) and Bieu Angami (NCS Retd) later left for Shamator to meet the Yimchunger public leaders.

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