“Emerging trend of trust deficit among Nagas makes future grim”: Noke

DIMAPUR, May 2 (NEPS): Senior NPF lawmaker Noke Wangnao said there were emerging trend of “trust deficits” among the Nagas and further warned that their future was “bleak and grim” unless this “dangerous scourge is immediately addressed.”
Talking to NEPS here Saturday, the veteran regionalist explained that “trust and confidence” was one of the most important elements among the Naga leaders today. “And without it (trust and confidence), we cannot expect positive frame of mind and without a positive frame of mind, no effective governing system will be there,” he said and stressed the need of “an urgent look” into it.
Elaborating further of his remarks made during the “NPF Special General Convention” on April 30 at IG Stadium, Noke said it was done as per the directive of the “Election Commission of India (ECI)” and expressed his happiness with the “reconciliation process” within the NPF. “I only narrated the sequence of political development within the NPF soon after Neiphiu Rio decided to go to Delhi as MP from Nagaland,” he stated.
He said he could see non-NPF members and legislators attending the “Special NPF General Convention” held on April 30 at IG Stadium and asked “How could non-NPF members attend such Special General Convention of the NPF.” “This is a Special General Convention of the NPF specifically arranged as per the directive of the ECI regarding Dispute Case No. 1 of 2015 dated the 27th March 2015 to resolve the crisis within the party (NPF),” he pointed out and further opined that their (non-NPF members) attending in such Special NPF General Convention had not only created confusion in the minds of the people but also to the ECI which would scrutinize the outcome of the Convention.
Clarifying his remarks on Congress and other Independents in DAN government, the NPF leader explained that the NPF should not mix-up other party men in its party activities, be it at grassroots or district or state. Because the party should clearly demarcate its functioning, he explained.
Refusing to comment on “TR Zeliang Ministry,” he said, “We should differentiate the party role and activities than taking part in the Government.”

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