Dr Shurhozelie said reconciliation already done

KOHIMA, Apr 30 (NEPS): President of the Naga People’s Front (NPF) Dr Shurhozelie said they already started “Reconciliation process” as per the desire of the public as well as the Election Commission of India (ECI).

Disclosing this while addressing the NPF General Convention at IG Stadium Thursday, the NPF President said, “Concerned leaders met on 27th April, 2015 at Kohima and agreed in principle for reconciliation and for which necessary steps have been initiated, particularly few technical points have to be removed to achieve reconciliation in its true form.”

“We have realized that concessions have to be made in the interest of the party’s future and also for the interest of our people,” he said. “Therefore, we can safely conclude that we have reconciled already.”

Dr Shurhozelie reiterated that the first and foremost priority of their party was solution to the Naga political problem and that they needed that badly in order to have peace as without peace, no development in any form could take place.

Without elaborating much, the NPF chief revealed about the precarious financial position of the state which was due to various factors, and further emphasized to go side by side with the concern for solution to the Naga political solution while seeing that the system was brought back to the “society for the economic growth.”

“If need be, strong hands must be applied for achieving the goal,” he said adding, “Do not remain a customer all the time, but be a contributor in the party.”

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