MLA Bijoy refutes charges he has neglected his constituency

IMPHAL, April 12: It is very unfortunate that some people alleged Khurai MLA is not interested in developmental work in his constituency as he does not have any knowledge about the development work already taken up in Khurai, said Dr Ng Bijoy MLA Khurai.

While clarifying on the allegation made by Yaima, a well known social worker of Khurai, that there has been no development works taken up in Khurai Constituency during MLA Dr Ng Bijoy tenure, he said this is false publicity.

He said the most important road and communication developed till today in the constituency, including seven PMGSY schemes were done under him. He said all these roads are also black topped.

He further said that in his opinion development of road connectivity, health, power supply good potable water, education, social works and agriculture are the most important task, and he has concentrate in these areas.

Commenting on the dredging of the Kongba River with JCB by some individuals, he said this has brought no good, and moreover they were done without the consent of concern authorities of the IFCD Manipur. He said the digging has now resulted in the newly constructed blacktopped PMGSY road cracking as the bed was dug without any technical support or knowledge.

He said according to the IFCD’s rules, whenever any individual want to work on the river bed, he has to take permission from the department. But it is very unfortunate that without the consent of the department the river bad has been dug and the road near the river bank has been cracked causing landslide alarm on the bank.

He clarified that so many development work has been taken up in Khurai which the alleged person does not know has he has the mind of a child.

Khurai constituency has three river passing through it and it needs a bridge for connecting the public, so recently the government of Manipur has approved an RCC bridge. The Chief Minister has said this will be complete in December, he added.

For the potable drinking water a water supply scheme under DoNER Ministry has funded 5.48 crores at Khumidok area which can provide and cover many villages of Khurai. This scheme is largest in the Imphal east district.

The Japanese project on water supply scheme in TV tower of Porompat already complete for provide sufficient water supply to nearby people.

For power supply in Khuraim, he said he has brought the VIP line. He said a Central School is going to establish in Kangla Samgomsnag area soon and 18 acres of land has been allotted for the purpose, he said.

He said there is a proposal for a two storied building to at the Lamlong Market, but problem is allotment of land for temporary shift of the current market while the construction takes place.

The state government is waiting for the land and once this is done, Lamlong will be one of the three markets recoommendaed for reconstruction and grade. The other two are Kwakeithel and Jiribam Keithel respectively, he said.


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