Poumai Naga Union decries ban imposed on it by NSCN

SENAPATI, March 2: In response to a press report which appeared in the Herald Today, a Senapati local English daily in its February 28 issue regarding a ban imposed by National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN) on Poumai Naga Union (PNU) for its anti-national activities and violation of Universal Human Rights principles, the Union in a press statement said the news report is shocking and unexpected from any organization.

The release said the PNU is the apex body of Poumai Naga tribe duly constituted by the people for the people, and “therefore, it has its own jurisdiction to deal with any issues arising within our people at our own disposal.”

It said “Historically, traditionally and geographically, Thiwa village is one of the Poumai Naga revenue villages. However, the NSCN(IM) has twisted the name of the village into Theiva, which has no legal sanctity as there is no such village name called Theiva in the Official record, Government of Manipur.”

The PNU release said “It is unfortunate on the part of the NSCN(IM) to issue the order banning the Apex body of the Poumai Naga tribe without hearing the Poumai Naga Union on this problem.”

It further said that “It is felt that the order was issued only after hearing the version of some vested people the village and as such the order was based on wrong facts,” therefore “in view of the facts narrated above, the Poumai Naga Union does not deserve to be branded as Anti-national and violation of the universal human rights principles in the absence of any evidences.”

It explained that “the fact is that, there is an internal misunderstanding between some inhabitants of Thiwa Village and the Poumai Naga Union,” and that “the Poumai Naga Union has been trying to solve the internal problem which is under process to settle down within ourselves.”

The PNU urged “the leadership of the NSCN(IM) not interfere into family problems in the future which can be settle at our level as per Naga Customary law and its usages,” adding that “the Poumai Naga Union expresses our hope that goodwill will prevail upon the NSCN(IM) leaders while deciding such matter.”


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