Transporter absconds with Rs. 64 lakh worth undelivered cement belonging to MTDC

IMPHAL, February 22: Over Rs. 64 lakhs worth of cements belonging to the Manipur Tribal Development Corporation, (MTDC) Lamphelpat, has been allegedly misappropriated by a transportation agency namely I.S.S Transport Agency Nongmeibung, Imphal.

Even as a case was lodged by the Managing Directors MTDC, on January 14, 2015 to the superintendent of police Imphal West district against the proprietor of the transportation agency, Irom Shamarjit and his employees, no visible action is taken so far.

According to an official document acquired by IFP, the Manipur Tribal Development Corporation, Lamphelpat, (MTDC) Imphal ordered for 2500 Metric ton of cement from the M/S Meghalaya Cement Limited, Lohia house, MG Road, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati-781001 (vide the order No. 199/J/TDC-05/2010 (Pt-4)/ dated July 27, 2010).

After proper tender process (vide the work order No. 199/J/TDC-05/2015 (Pt-5) dated July 27, 2010), the corporation awarded the contract in favour of the I.S.S Transport Agency, Nongmeibung Checkon, Bazar, Imphal for the work of “Transportation of cement (PPC) conforming to ISI from Meghalaya cement Limited to MTDC godown, Lamphelpat, Imphal i/c loading, unloading and stacking”.

Having completed necessary formalities or processes for the contract and the agreement (No.1/TDC/Agt. 2010 dated July 30, 2010) was entered for the said work.

While the estimated cost for the said contract work Rs. 1,25,00,000 and the tender amount is Rs. 1,25,00,000, the work scheduled was scheduled to start from July 27, 2010 and to be completed on or before September 10, 2010.

As per the request of I.S.S Transport Agency, the time for completion for the said work was extended up to March 11, 2011. The full payment for the said purchase of 2500 MT of cement was made by the corporation to Meghalaya Cement Limited vide cheque No. 550160 dated July 27, 2010.

Till the May 27, 2010, the said agency transported only 580.70 MT of cement to the corporation. Accordingly, the MTDC Managing Director sent a letter dated May 27, 2011 (bearing No. 119/J/TDC-05/2010 (pt-5)) to the said agency requesting for transportation of the remaining or balance quantity of cement within 2 weeks.

Till December 7, 2011, the said Agency transported by the said Agency to the corporation became 677.02 M.T. To this, the corporation sent another letter (No. 119/J/TDC-05/2010 (pt-5) dated December 7, 2011) for the transportation of remaining quantity of cement of the corporation.

In response, the agency submitted a letter on July 12, 2013 to the corporation stating that the revised rate of transportation has been fixed at Rs 4000 per metric ton and the balance quantity of cement will be transported at the revised rate, it said.

Subsequently, the corporation sent another letter (No. 119/J/TDC-05 /2011 (pt-5)/1 dated July 15, 2013) to the said agency requesting for transporting the remaining quantity of 1286.30 MT of cement at the revised negotiated rate at an early date.

The corporation further delivered the letter No. letter No. 119/J/TDC-05 /2011 (pt-5) dated December 4, 2013 to the agency thereby requesting to complete the delivery of the remaining cement at an early date.

However, despite the repeated reminders and notices of the corporation, the agency yet again failed to transport the remaining quantity of cement to the corporation.

The corporation again delivered the letter (No. 119/J/TDC-05 /2011 (pt-5) dated June 2, 2014) to the agency to respond within seven days from the receipt of the letter failing which the corporation will be compelled to proceed necessary legal action against the said agency. The letter was received by the agency on June 10, 2014. The corporation again delivered a letter No. 119/J/TDC-05 /2011 (pt-5) dated July 3, 2014 to the agency informing the agency to contact the Managing Director immediately and expedite the delivery of the balance quantity of cement failing which necessary action shall be initiated without further notice.

Even though the said intimations and notices were given, the agency still failed to respond and deliver or transport the remaining quantity of cement to the corporation.

It is learnt that recently, the corporation enquired regarding the delivery of cement from the Meghalaya Cement Limited, Lohia House, MG Road, Fancy Bazar Guwahati-781001 only to find that the said agency had already lifted the whole quantity of 2500 MT of cement on April 26, 2011.

Accordingly, the corporation sent another notice (vide letter No. 119/J/TDC-05 /2011 (pt-5) dated September 8, 2014) to the said agency thereby informing the true facts and enclosing a xeroxed copy of statement showing date of delivery, invoice number etc. and further informing that non-delivery of the balance quantity for such a long period is very serious offence and tantamount to misappropriation of building materials belonging to the MTDC.

In the meantime, the MDTC notified the agency that the it has contemplated necessary legal action against the said agency while further directing the agency for delivery of the balance quantity of cement immediately within 30 days from the date of issue of the said letter in case the agency desires to avoid undesirable consequence.

However, the agency did not submit any official reply to the said reminders and notice of the corporation. Interestingly, they have delivered 585 bags of cement on September 15, 2014 and 340 bags on November 11, 2014.

Given the circumstances, the corporation therefore decided to observe the progress of delivery till the month of December 2014 before taking any legal action against the agency. The position of the cement so far delivered as on November 17, 2014 is said to be 1291.95 MT and thereafter no further consignment was received by the corporation till date. As such 1208.05 MT of cement (2500 MT-1291.95) remained undelivered by the agency.

Even though a long time in terms of years had been elapsed after the expiry of the period of contract work or work order, the agency or its proprietor still fail to deliver the remaining cement to the corporation and without informing the corporation the whereabouts of the already lifted cement from Meghalaya Cement Limited.

The MTDC further charge that the agency intentionally converted the said 1208.05 MT of cement belonging to the corporation to the use of the proprietor of the said agency deceptively and fraudulently, thereby causing huge loss to the corporation, Government and public to the tune of Rs. 64,44,342.72.


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