KOHIMA, Feb 21: The Vigilance Commission Nagaland in a Notification No. SVC/SIT-2014-15/309 dated Kohima the 17th February 2015 has stated that the implementation of the Inclusive Education for the Disabled at Secondary Stage (IEDSS), meant for disabled children under the School Education Department pertaining to the period 2011-12, 1012-13, involving an amount of Rs. 12,79,50,000/- has been found to be misappropriated by the officials of the department. It has been established that the officials of the department along with some private individuals were also found involved in the misappropriation and manipulation of records.

In this connection, the Chief Secretary & Vigilance Commissioner has constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) under the Directorate of Vigilance & Anti-Corruption Police to unearth and to identify the circumstances leading to the irregularities in the School Education Department in the utilization of the fund amounting to Rs. 12,79,50,000/- to enable the Government to book the culprits and also to take appropriate action against the erring officials / individuals. The SIT shall comprise of the following officials:

  1. Shri K. Shiwoto Wotsa, Sr. S.P, Team Leader & I.O.
  2. Shri L. Temsunungsang, S.P-I, Assistant Team Leader.

iii.        Shri T. Holtoh Yeptho, Addl. S.P, Member.

  1. Shri Viliehu Rutsa, Dy. S.P, Member.
  2. Shri L. Mayang Ao, Dy. S.P, Member.
  3. Shri Vikashe H. Murumi, S.I, Member.

vii.       Shri Vethito Khamo, S.I, Member.

viii.      Shri Ngampa Konyak, S.I, Member.

The charter of duties of the SIT shall be

  1. i) To visit all the 11 (eleven) districts in the state and to physically verify the materials procured and dispersed;
  2. ii) To physically ascertain the actual existence of the disabled children as per the figure shown against each school;

iii)        To examine files, documents and records of administrative approval, sanction orders, etc for drawal of funds and the records of disbursement;

  1. iv) To identify person(s) who are involved in implementation of the said programme and the misappropriation of funds thereof;
  2. v) The SIT shall have the power to requisition and seize any files/documents required for the investigation and to interrogate any person(s) as accused as well as witnesses, arrest any officials /individuals found involved in implementation of the scheme.
  3. vi) The SIT shall have the power to seek the assistance of other officers of the Commission to co-opt as and when voluminous exercises are carried out.

The SIT will complete their investigation within a period of 4 (four) months and will also submit progress/interim report to the Vigilance Commissioner and also to the Court from time to time through the Inspector General of Police, Vigilance & Anti-Corruption, Nagaland. (DIPR)

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