Zhaleo inaugurates market complex at Chumukedima  

CHUMUKEDIMA: Parliamentary Secretary for Urban Development Zhaleo Rio inaugurated a market complex under 10% lump sum scheme for vendors at Chumukedima town Tuesday.

Addressing the gathering, Zhaleo Rio said allotment of stall should be given preference to locals and the non-locals themselves should run the business and be vendors so that the constructed market complex would solve its purpose. A marketing complex alone was not enough unless enthusiasm was shown by the stake holders business minded people, he said.

He lamented that many young and upcoming entrepreneurs had availed government assistance under various schemes however after inspection and verification the entrepreneurs and business disappeared and added that “we Naga educated unemployed look only for government services and white colour jobs however we have to change our mindset attitude and outlook for skill development and other business.”

He further said most of the town councils in Nagaland were running on deficit therefore he stressed the need for quarterly audits and to streamline staff appointment in all town councils. He also stated that collection of toll taxes should not only be for paying salaries but it should also be used for town development and other facilities.

Commenting on shifting of Dimapur district headquarter to Chumukedima which had been approved and decided by the state cabinet, the Parliamentary Secretary said a new Dimapur could be created with better planning traffic, good sanitation, drinking water and other basic amenities for the public. Towards this, he called upon the people to think work and reason together for their better future with vigorous planning and to move forward.

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