CM pushes Centre to secure release of Manipuris in Myanmar custody

IMPHAL: The State government is pushing the Centre to take urgent steps to ensure safe and early release of six Manipuris arrested by Myanmar authorities in 2013.

Sources said the State Home department had moved a proposal to the Ministry of External Affairs to take up the matter at the earliest possible with the Myanmar government through diplomatic channels to ensure their release.

The six are identified as H Yaima alias Suren Khuman, son of H Jugin, K Herojit son of K Ibohanbi, K Sanjitkumar alias Ibomcha son of K Ibohanbi, M Sanatomba, son of M Lalitabi, Y Gindle, son of Y Memma and P Open, son of P Tamureima, sources said.

It is also learnt that on October 14, 2014, State Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh had himself written to the Union Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj drawing her attention to the matter.

The Chief Minister in his official letter had said six Manipuris were arrested by Myanmar security on June 17, 2013 while they were allegedly visiting a lake in the neighbouring country named Thoibi-pat, a legendary lake for the Manipuris.

The lake is believed to have a closed affinity with a mythological princess of the State having the same name as the lake.

The State government had taken up the issue with the MEA since September 2013, however, there has been no progress on the matter, the Chief Minister is said to have written to the Union Minister.

The Chief Minister is also said to have highlighted before the Union Minister that although the State Home department had been informed on September 17, 2013 by MEA, BSM division, government of India under secretary (Myanmar) Anima Barnwal in an official letter that the MEA has taken up the matter with the Myanmar authorities and that the Embassy of India in Yangoon has issued a note to the Myanmar Ministry for Foreign Affairs, there has been no further information on the progress of the matter.


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