Nuklutosho says Naga youth should be serious for future

KOHIMA, Oct 28 (NEPS): Minister for National Highways, Nuklutoshi expressed serious concern on the prevailing situation in the state where their educated youth seemed to be not fully aware of what was going on. He further called upon them to go deeper into each and every development to know the reality.

Talking to NEPS here Tuesday, the Minister said the Nagas still had the “slave mentality,” though they might think they were very advanced. “Only negligible sections of the Naga people may have progressed in some fields,” he explained. “But large sections of the Naga people are still having slave mentality.”

Nuklutoshi pointed out that so many educated Naga youth, even after getting degrees and other certificates, would be just waiting Government jobs, whereas jobs in public sectors had already reached saturation point.

He further disclosed that the state had more than sixty thousand educated unemployed youth and their numbers kept increasing every year. “This is not everything if you add up the number of other so-called uneducated unemployed youth in the state,” he said.

“In fact the amount of unemployed youth – educated and uneducated – in a population of about two millions, where over one lakh are government servants, the situation simply spells danger for our future,” Nuklutoshi said and further warned that these unemployed youth were prone to do anything out of frustration. “This does not auger well for the future of the Nagas,” he said.

The Minister urged the younger generations to be more serious and deeply study from the realistic point of view and they should be in a position to come forward for self-employment. For which necessary support needs to be provided to young people to help them succeed and set an example to others who are still reluctant, he added and further stretched the importance of developing “work culture” in them.

Nuklutoshi also said their civil societies and NGOs should not have the tendency of criticizing the Government all the time without giving an alternative means for them (Government) to perform and act better for the larger interest of the people. “I think our civil societies and NGOs should be in a position to provide credible guidance to the Government while criticizing the policies and programs of it,” he said.

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