Kiphire district geared up for election process

Joining with the rest of district in the state Kiphire district will go for poll for the lone Lok Sabha seat in the state to elect the new Member of Parliament (MP – India) on 9th April to represent the state of Nagaland to the largest democratic country in the world.

Kiphire District Election Machinery has appointed 450 polling personnel for the 96 polling station in the district, including 96 presiding officers, 96 1st polling officers, 96 2nd polling officers 66 3rd polling officers, 96 4th grade personnel and 125 polling personnel were kept as reserved.

Kiphire district has two Assembly constituencies, 59th Sitime /Secyochung A/C and 60th Pungro/ Kiphire A/C, out of 96 polling stations the district election machinery has declared 84 P/S as normal and 12 as critical P/S of which Four (4) at 59th Sitime /Secyochung A/C and Eight (8) at 60th Pungro/ Kiphire A/C.

Kiphire District Election Machinery has divided the district into Nine (9) sectors for an elaborate security arrangement for both normal and critical polling station and has appointed Nine (9) each sector magistrate and micro observers, further one section of static security force is station in all the nine (9) sectors and one platoon striking force each is being station at Pungro Sub-Division HQ and Secyochung Sub- Division HQ and the 46th Assam Rifles will provide environmental security.

Assistant Election officer (ARO) & DC Kiphire Neposo Theluo said despite the limited resources available, the district election machinery is trying its best to manage the election process in the district and has express his confidence that law and order situation in the district is conducive for the conduct of free and fair election.

While speaking on the polling personnel who were being dispatch to different polling stations in the district after providing sufficient training, Neposo said, that polling personnel would do justice to the training provided to them as the district completely depend on them for smooth conduct of election process.

Commenting on activities of various political parties in the district ARO & DC Neposo Theluo said so far Election Machinery of Kiphire district has not come across any violation of election model code of conduct by any political party within the district and added that the unenthusiastic activities in the district maybe  due to setting-up of various committee as a watchdog by district election machinery to conduct free and fair electioneering process coupled with a series of meeting were being conducted by DEM with NGO’s & political parties to ensure peaceful conduct of election and to create awareness amongst the masses for clean, free and fair election process the DEM has also initiated programme on  Systematic Voter’s Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) through out the district, whereby, college students of the district were appointed as campus ambassadors to create awareness. He added.

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