India will be partitioned if Modi comes to power: Arshad Madani  Lukhnow

Speaking to Headlines Today Editor-at-Large Rahul Kanwal, who is travelling on the Election Express across the length and breadth of the country, in an exclusive interview, Madani said all Muslims should go all out to ensure that BJP candidates are defeated by voting for whichever party is best placed to defeat the BJP on that seat.

Sitting between the Darul Uloom Deoband seminary and the Rashidi Mosque, the Maulana couldn’t have been more vocal in his criticism of the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi when he said, “India will be partitioned if Modi comes to power.”

Given the hold that the Maulana has on the country’s Sunni Muslims, the Deoband chief’s words carry weight.

In a seperate interview with Aaj Tak, Madani expressed satisfaction at the steps taken by Uttar Pradesh government for relief of Muzaffarnagar riot victims.

Question: What would you like to say on Akhilesh government’s role in Muzaffarnagar riots?

I have stated this before. The administration has to be blamed for the riots in Muzaffarnagar and the administration kept the government in dark. I am not able to bring myself to believe that government wanted the riots. The government has given enough compensation to the displaced people. Nobody after independence gave such a money to the victims of communal riots.

Question:  What about the condition of victims living in refugee camps?

The number of people living in camps has come down. Eventually, people will have to return to their houses.

Question: Has the Aam Aadmi Party emerged as a viable secular option for Muslims?

I don’t think that Muslims should rush into things. Indeed, its a new party and has created a support base in short time. It has emerged as the third option. But in the current scenario, it is not very wise to think that a new party will bring revolution and change everything. They will have to prove themselves. Muslims have some issues that are unaddressed for long. We will like to see what would AAP’s response to those issues.

Question: What is your take on Narendra Modi?

We have maintained only one opinion about Narendra Modi. We do not have trust on him. If he comes to power, it would be a setback to the secular fabric of the country. Even if he becomes the prime minister, our opinion about him would not change.

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